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Welcome to Granny Swingers.

another weekend of swinging for this mature groupHello and welcome to the home of fab swingers and old swinging couples and groups. Granny Swingers is a popular dating site based in the UK to help mature singles, couples and groups meet for no strings, consensual sex all over the UK. If you have ever been turned on by the idea of shagging someone else’s wife and engaging in uncomplicated, no strings sex within a group enviroment then our UK swingers site is for you. We have quickly risne to the top of the UK swinging scene for meeting older couples, and groups, and have had great feedback from our memberrs who use the site every day.  We have all the experience and know-how of running a succesful mature sex dating site from our popular granny dating brand. So if you are new to this type of sexual experince, or prehaps fed up with another site that's offered you resutls, but let you down time and time again, why not try grannyswingers.co.uk today, for Free.

 The more the merrier!

 Swinging is ane experince best shared. Have you ever heard of that old phrase? Well it’s got a lot of truth to it, you can’t swing on your own, it’s an activity best shared which is exactly why websites like granny swinging were created. We help make mature swinging available to anyone who wants to try it out in the UK. Especially those with a taste for dirty older women. There is something completely electric about being to openly touch and fuck another man’s wife. We have 1000s of couples on our webiste that are very open about their swinging relationship and are happy to share each other with new, different and exciting partners whenever they can. We asked a slection of our members if they would send us in their home made photos and sexy stories from recent swinging events. What we we were sent really blew our minds, it just goes to prove that this older scene is well and truly alive and kicking, and being enjoye by 1000s of singles, couples and groups up and down the UK.

 Why Couples choose to use our website for swinging?


Our dating site is open to anyone to try, from singles to groups.

old wife fucks another mature woman with strap on as husband watchesContrary to popular relief swinging can be enjoyed by single men, and it’s thanks to websites like granny swinging that make this possible. Unlike uk swinging clubs that expect you to have membership or one of a handful of lucky single men looking to get their kicks, our online swinging platform puts single guys in contact with couples and groups who are looking for new single male partners. So you don’t have to face the reject or waste the time it takes to be refused entry to a swingers club. All you need to do is sign up to our older fab swinging platform and start contacting our members and organise your own, private local sex party. 

Joining a dating site like this for a single guy new to this exciting and exhilarating adult scene is a lot of fun. We have had tons of feedback from young guys who were just curious to see how much no strings sex they could find in the UK. who wrote in to let us know that our site helped spice up their sex life and allowed them to fufill that of local couples. For some older men who are husbands to big tit, beautiful mature wives, they are crying out for young studs to come in and fuck their wife in every hole, that is turning them on, which in turn makes you have a better time, so everyone is a winner. That's why no single guy should ever shy away from an opportunity like this because he believes he will be rejected, so if you are reading this, please do yourself, and the older wives out their a favour and at least sign up for a free trial account!

I like the sound of this site. How do I get involved?

Some of the benefits of granny swingers include, being able to perform a search for 1000s of old swingers in your local area. Having the ability to see their naughty photos and watch their steamy swinger vids. Being able to send and receive messages to any member(s) you like the look of, and much, much more. Hopefully we’ve given you enough advice understanding on what exactly goes on in our exciting fab swingers site. Now it’s just up to you to get the party started and start your free member’s trial and start meeting granny sluts for no strings sex and swinging.