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three mature women bend over and swap husbands to fuckStart meeting more granny dating members today using sites like granny swingers. So what are the benefits of using a mature service like this? Well put simply we've been matching guys ond dates with a granny since 2006 and we have established ourselves as a leading brand. Infact we are the number #1 mature sex dating website on the net. With over a million active members across the UK, and we are hugely popular and exciting. Since it’s incredible journey over 8 years ago we have single handedly changed the face of online dating by opening itself up to allow men and women from all over the UK to try a different, more thrilling dating experience.

Human beings are complicated creatures, we are not all born the same. We don't all share the same interests and desires, we don't all follow suit, something we know more than anyone at This is exactly why we saw an opening and chance to offer the world of adult dating a new and exciting market, the chance to meet mature older women. It's not like this has been a closet fantasy shared by guys and grannies, no the idea of shagging an experienced senior woman has been an exciting prospect shared for generations. And it really is the perfect match, gilfs love the idea of toyboys and toyboys love the idea of having sex with a gilf. The only difference now is that we have been working on making this bedroom throught a reality by providing a world class online dating experince for anyone to enjoy.

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8 reasons why young guys and older women go so well together.

  1. Older women have higher sex drives and want a young buck to satisfy them
  2. Younger guys love the idea of being taught new things in the bedroom
  3. Mature ladies are not so concerned about looks like their younger equivalents
  4. Young guys are generally more horny and readily available to meet for sex
  5. Grannies have more time to spend online, uploading dirty photos and videos
  6. Toy boys fantaise more about older women than they do younger ones
  7. An older woman is more dirty and looking for several partners for no strings sex
  8. Young men just want to get their end away, and will satisfy any ladies needs.


One of these new, exciting and thrilling dating sites released under the successful and highly trusted brand is this very website, granny swingers. A mature swinging site with a difference, it caters for guys who have a hard on for older, easy sluts that want to be fucked by younger cock as their husbands watch on. There is nothing as thrilling as being able to bed an older swinger who you might refer to as being a bit of a granny slut. These women are wild, and at the peak of their sexual drive and will do anything to satisfy some younger buck. So it’s only natural to see our members cross over from our other grannie sites to experience a new and fresh sexual experience, a lot like fab swinging has done for their sites, we have done with ours. The other exciting development in this particular website is that swinging and dating go hand in hand. Couples and groups are always looking for new fresh meat to join them at one of their local events or sex parties. In fact singles guys are in short demand when it comes to this type of activity, and we know from the members we speak to that a lot of husbands are waiting for young studs to come in and fuck their wives in font of them. It's a great partner ship and works so well for that very reason.

two strangers enjoy fucking a wife they met at a partyHowever don’t believe for one second that this is just a copy cat of a grannydates site. No my friends, this is a bespoke, unique service setup and dedicated to serving the mature swingers amongst us. Of course we have taken elements of what worked, and implemented them on grannyswingers, but don’t think for a second we are just trying to pull a fast one. This service is geared towards single men meeting up with older couples, and groups all over the UK for sex parties and swinging events. Up until now the only way to engage in such an activity was to join a club, and even then, as a single guy the chances of getting turned away were extremely high. So once again, as it did many years ago, so we decided to  do something about this misfortune and offer a swinging site where anyone could join and experience the thrills and excitement of shagging another wife or old partner.

So what is left to say? Well, not much we don’t think. It’s easy for us to explain to you how beneficial and incredible our new granny dating site really is, but the proof is only ever going to be in the pudding. So we highly suggest you sign up, send out some messages to some granny sluts, join up to some old swingers events and sex parties, and then let us know what you think!