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There are as many questions as there are reasons as to why you might want to join a mature fabswingers dating site. So in the next couple of paragraphs, we hope to address all your concerns and questions, whilst giving you the confidence and excitement to join 1000s of other mature fab swingers in the UK. Before we get into the main reasons it's important to firstly state that swinging is an exciting and thrilling prospect. If you feel like your sex life has been lacking some spark, and adventure than meeting couples and groups for sex will definitely add fuel to that fire.

However, there are also a few things to keep in my mind before just signing up any old fab swinging site. Firstly make sure you have put a bit of time aside to research a couple of websites offering this experience. Make sure they have some history and you can see some member feedback in the form of testimonials or a comparison chart. Our site does both these things, and we lucky to be part of the granny dating network, a collection of sites that have been in use since 2006, almost 8 years. We feel we know how to give a real, authentic mature sex dating experience, whether that is straight-up dating or something a little more different like meeting wives and groups. Secondly, make sure any site you are considering joining offers you the chance of a free membership trial.

This is something we really believe in here. At the end of the day, you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first, and the same rule applies to date. You need to be confident and happy with your decision before taking any step further into committing to the next level of membership. So make sure you carry out these preliminary steps before going any further on any dating site that offers a swinging experience, whether that is here with us, or any other site offering something similar. With that all said, please continue to read on after watching this video of some of our hottest fab swinger members online and active now.

What has meet old swingers got to do with granny dating?

That is a very good question and one that we hope to answer. To coin a phrase, there ain’t no party like a fab swingers party would be an understatement. Swinging is by far the most exciting and thrilling sexual experience out there, which is why we have seen a 69% rise in members joining our site in the last year, and not just couples or groups, a lot of single women looking to explore their wild side and want to meet today for a genuine fab swinging experience.

Are these old swinger on your dating site real?

Yes. Is the short answer. We have a dedicated profile authentication team whose sole job is to scan through every new member that joins our site and check to see if their intentions on the site are genuine, and that they are real. We hear a lot of other swinging sites and mature dating sites fall victim to a lot of scammers and fake profiles, this lowers the quality an excitement of a site and makes turns the experience sour. Granny swingers use a real authentication team to check each fab senior profile, if they deem them to be real they allow them to continue on the site if they pick up any signs of spam or fakeness they put their account into isolation as they investigate further. This helps us keep our site free of spammers, and improves the experience for every other granny member.

What tools are available for meeting mature couples and groups?

We give all our members a set of useful, easy to use, and highly effective dating tools to help them locate, message and find their perfect loose granny or older swinging event. Examples of these tools are the ability to perform member searches, so you can search by area, age, preference, even interest. Allowing you to meet old swingers, and engage in more parties than ever before. We allow you to see photos and videos on every profile (providing that user has uploaded some). Most importantly, we give you the tool to send and receive messages from other fab swingers. We also have a host of other tools available once you create your account.

Take a look at the list of tools and features available to any member on our dating platform:

  • Browse 1000s of local swinging members in your area
  • Watch videos of couples and groups from their latest sex parties
  • See photos of hot wives and grannies have uploaded whilst being fucked by a new partner
  • Read member diaries and posts to keep you horny
  • Send and Recieve unlimited messages so you can flirt and send pictures back and forth all day.
  • Have access to your account on your phone or tablet, so you can stay in the party 24/7
  • Rate other swingers and get rated yourself to help break the ice and start the introduction
  • Use our helpline that is open 6 days a week ready to receive your questions or concerns

This sounds like my kind of fabswingers site how do I join?

We are glad we have been able to answer a lot of your questions and address your concerns around our granny swinger’s site, at the end of the day we want to create a service and experience with you, and the rest of the granny fabs swingers in mind. If you are happy to proceed and want to create a free trial account please click here. We are sure you won’t regret it.

Happy swinging.

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